I am a solo artist, designing and making my jewelry by traditional goldsmithing techniques.  I first develop a design on paper and determine the materials I will use.  I enjoy combining metals of different colors and finishes, a single stone as a focal point, or a “suite” of stones in complimentary colors and shapes, and sometimes inlay materials such as ebony or Corian Marble for additional detail.   I then sculpt my model in wax, designing and cutting each mounting to fit the stone to be used.  The finished model is then sent to a casting house to be cast into karat gold alloys by the “lost wax” process, then returned to me in the form of a rough casting for all assembly and finishing.

Reproductions- a number of my pieces are one of a kind, but I will reproduce many of my designs one at a time as they sell.  Frequently I may add or alter a detail or modify a mounting for a different stone thus producing a series of related designs but no two exactly alike, however, I find that some pieces have a “single best solution” and I will duplicate that solution in very limited edition.


I think that my mother, who had considerable musical talent and possessed a fine operatic voice was always a little disappointed when her children failed to develop more than a passing interest in music.  However, it has occurred to me that after many years of observers describing my designs as “lyrical”, as having an “expressive fluidity” and sense of movement, that perhaps Mom’s legacy has just manifested itself in a different way.

Christine Bartling, Designer-Goldsmith